Thursday, April 28, 2011

Visiting Grandma

It turns out that my mom is going on vacation.  I've heard her talking about something called "islands" a lot lately, but I wasn't sure what the whole story was behind that, so I didn't give it a lot of consideration.  Until the pile of clean clothing developed on the floor.  Then I knew something was going on.  My humom will throw dirty clothes on the floor, but not typically clean clothes.  And I've seen her digging and digging in that big wooden thing that all her stuff is in, and I've seen her trying on stuff she hasn't worn for awhile.  Small stuff.  Stuff that smells like swimming pools.  Then last night she packed my overnight bag.  Typically I would miss her and be sad and miss my young girl but I'm going to Grandma's!  That is always so much fun!!!  And now that Maggie is there, it's going to be double fun!!! 

Maggie is an 8 month old Pug that my Grandma brought home.  She needed her.  (that sentence can go either way, they needed each other)  So, now it's going to be Me and Maggie, tearing through Grandma's back yard, and Me and Maggie, chasing the cat, and Me and Maggie, playing with toys, and Me and Maggie, sleeping in Grandma's bed.  I'm so excited.

Posing for the phone! Maggie is the one in clothes.
 So anyhow, it might be a little while til you hear from me.  I have to be with Mom to make these words and stuff, so come back in a week and see if I'm back.  Meanwhile, I'll be hanging out with Magpie, and Grandma, and eating cookies from the bank, and chasing squirrels in Grandmas yard!

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  1. Sadie - we are going to have so much fun! Love, Grandma and Maggie