Thursday, April 28, 2011

Visiting Grandma

It turns out that my mom is going on vacation.  I've heard her talking about something called "islands" a lot lately, but I wasn't sure what the whole story was behind that, so I didn't give it a lot of consideration.  Until the pile of clean clothing developed on the floor.  Then I knew something was going on.  My humom will throw dirty clothes on the floor, but not typically clean clothes.  And I've seen her digging and digging in that big wooden thing that all her stuff is in, and I've seen her trying on stuff she hasn't worn for awhile.  Small stuff.  Stuff that smells like swimming pools.  Then last night she packed my overnight bag.  Typically I would miss her and be sad and miss my young girl but I'm going to Grandma's!  That is always so much fun!!!  And now that Maggie is there, it's going to be double fun!!! 

Maggie is an 8 month old Pug that my Grandma brought home.  She needed her.  (that sentence can go either way, they needed each other)  So, now it's going to be Me and Maggie, tearing through Grandma's back yard, and Me and Maggie, chasing the cat, and Me and Maggie, playing with toys, and Me and Maggie, sleeping in Grandma's bed.  I'm so excited.

Posing for the phone! Maggie is the one in clothes.
 So anyhow, it might be a little while til you hear from me.  I have to be with Mom to make these words and stuff, so come back in a week and see if I'm back.  Meanwhile, I'll be hanging out with Magpie, and Grandma, and eating cookies from the bank, and chasing squirrels in Grandmas yard!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A little about ME!

So, I'm guessing that I should share a little about myself, since I just kinda popped up here on the scene. 

My name is Sadie, and I am 5 years old.  I live with my mom and her teenaged daughter.  They both completely adore me.  (which is saying something for the teenager, because she only "adores" shoes!)  We are a happy little household of three girls.  We also share it with two cats, and I'm not completely sure how they ended up with us, but they are here.  I don't mess with them much, and I can't say that I really like them, but I do get a kick out of the litter pan.  YUM!
Scary Cat

I go to work everyday with my mom.  It used to be boring but then my human Grandma adopted little Maggie Magoo and lately, life has been GOOD!  I have a pug friend to play with every day but Tuesdays when she's off.  I use that as a day of rest.  Maggie is at home today and I'm basically just holding the bed down.  You never know when gravity is going to stop working.

We work in Frederick Maryland, which seems to be a good town.  They sure love their dogs.  When we go for walks, there are bowls of water outside almost all doorways.  It seems the humans like having us around more.  They just passed a bill here that allows us to be in the outside restaurant areas with our people, and that is REALLY cool!  My favorite store in the world is here, it's called Two Paws Up and they give me a cookie as soon as I walk through the door.  That's service.  Anyway, when we can get out of the office, it's good here, I get treated like a celebrity from almost everyone who sees me.  Everyone wants to pet me and talk to me, and Mom jokingly complains about being my "handler" whatever that is...
This is Maggie and I on our walk.

After work, we go home.  Mom usually cleans up small messes and sometimes we go into our town.  I LOVE our town.  Everyone knows me!  They yell my name as I go by.  It's awesome.  Our town is a super dog friendly town too.  I'm allowed in almost all the shops there.  I'm still working on not barking at men.  I don't know why that started happening.  They are tall and kind of scary.  Don't get me wrong, there are a few men in my life that I totally dig.  Just not strange, tall ones.  With hats.  <shudder>

Me with the girl teenager I love and my friend Zack.  Who is tall and male, but I love him.

So, my pasttimes include car trips (I get to go almost EVERYWHERE) playing with my toys, sleeping and eating.  I excel in eating and sleeping.  Mom brags about me sleeping and tells people who have silly dogs who wake them up at the buttcrack of dawn just to go potty all about how I'll sleep til the sun is HIGH up in the sky.  Well duh.  It's sleep and it's awesome.  I also like to cuddle and I have a bunch of dog friends that I like to get together with when time allows.  (whatever that means)

Trying to snooze... 

Well, now that I've introduced myself, I'll be trying to force my mom on here to update you about my adventures.  And boy do I have adventures!  Like right now, my favorite guy in the office is eating his lunch, so I'm going to go beg him for awhile.  He's a sucker for me, and it ALWAYS works...

Me and the teenager girl as puppies!

Here's a few more pictures......

Riding shotgun in the truck

At my friend Zeus' house  

Too Cute!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sleepy Monday...

So it's Monday.  And a boring one at that.  I'm here at work with my mom, and I wanted to do this project, so she is helping me.  Hello, I'm Sadie.  I'm a Pug and at times I can be Pugnacious.  I am also sweet, lovable, kind, bratty, hungry, and joyful.  I am well loved and I adore my people.

This past weekend I went on a road trip to Washington Pennsylvania.  We go to different parts of Pennsylvania a lot.   My mom is in puppy love with a man that lives far away, so he and his girl Delilah travel to see us, and we travel to see them.  Delilah is a rottweiler/golden retriever cross that I am best buds with.  She is pretty awesome but she smells like skunk quite a bit.  She must be pretty ninja to be able to hang out with THEM every night.  Anyway, we were at a lady's house named Joyce and she has small shih tzu's.  I didn't meet them, but I could smell them, and mom tells me she's crazy about them.  Delilah's dad is doing construction work on her cabin and it looks amazing.  He is a log cabin builder and Delilah gets to go EVERYWHERE with him.  She complains once in awhile about her leg hurting though, and I'm not quite sure what's up with that, but she sure seemed happy to be on the road this weekend.  We played A LOT!

This is me, in my bed at work.  At home, I sleep with my mom, or one of the many teenagers who come to visit MY teenagers.  I like to sleep under the covers and mom says it's the only good reason to not live with her puppy love.  We miss him a lot though and if it weren't for me, she would be sad I think.

I have a new Pug sister.  Her name is Maggie.  She's pretty cool.  She comes to work every day except for Tuesdays and we have a really good time together.  She's young, but she's got a good heart.  I'll post pictures of her tomorrow.

It's 3:15.  We need to get ready to get this show on the road.  I heard mom mumbling something about this would be a good day to go home with a movie and take a nap.  I really hope she's serious!!!!!!!